The first meetings in what is now the Southeastern Family Area were originally part of the Lake Borderline Area. Shortly after the Wisconsin Region was formed, groups from the borderline area of Illinois that were located in Wisconsin formed the Southeastern Family Area and became part of the Wisconsin Region. In September of 1986 the first Area Service Committee was formed, with eleven groups represented in the initial meeting. At that time, the Southeastern Family Area included Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties. SEFA currently consists of the cities and counties of Kenosha and Racine due to the Walworth county meetings joining Basic Area.

Southeastern Family Area members support Regional Subcommittees and are active at the Regional Service Conferences. They also support many other area functions to promote unity in Narcotics Anonymous. The Southeastern Family Area Public Information Subcommittee has produced policy and procedure documentation used by several other areas in the Region. In 1992 the Area initiated the Southeastern Family Area Information Phoneline, which continues to function smoothly today.

The Southeastern Family Area currently has several working subcommittees of the Area Service Committee. Southeastern Family Area has several meetings, with at least one scheduled each day of the week. Southeastern Family Area is as strong as it has ever been and continues to grow.